Ugly Wallpaper (Bazooka Nanny: Government Superhero)

Bigger than a tall building, Faster than a light-rail train, Exploiter of the ignorant, shafter of the hapless, Wiser than God and richer than you, it’s… Bazooka Nanny: Government Superhero Today’s episode: Ugly Wallpaper “Are you going to get that?! That alarm’s been going off for the last half-hour.” Nanny peered over his bag of […]

Political Bytes

The government “golf cart” subsidy This is too funny for me to have made it up. The IRS has ruled that Obama’s stimulus bill subsidizes actual, honest-to-goodness golf carts, under the “high-mileage vehicle” provision. This is causing golf-cart sales to soar. Laments Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute, “In a normal world this would be […]

You Wanna Win a Nobel Peace Prize, Too?

As you know, Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize last Friday. At first, I thought it was some sort of joke. And then I decided it actually was. “Wow. They’re giving them out to everyone now, aren’t they?” The sentiment is not mine alone. For example, Ana Marie Cox, National Correspondent for Air America […]