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The government “golf cart” subsidy

This is too funny for me to have made it up. The IRS has ruled that Obama’s stimulus bill subsidizes actual, honest-to-goodness golf carts, under the “high-mileage vehicle” provision. This is causing golf-cart sales to soar. Laments Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute, “In a normal world this would be shocking, even scandalous news. Taxpayer money wasted buying carts for golfers. Uncle Sam as reverse Robin Hood, stealing from the needy to enrich well-heeled golfers.” Not in this country.

The Morality of Climate Change

True story: I was walking down Main Street this week, and one of the churches had a banner out front: “Climate Change is a Moral Issue.” Uh… Funny. I thought it was a natural atmospheric phenomenon.

Of course, it’s also a “crisis” and an “indisputable fact.” So I guess it could be a “moral issue,” too.

It’s campaign time again!

Every time I drive into Boston, I see signs for Mayor Manino’s reelection campaign: “Moving Boston Forward.”

I understand the challenger is running on the “Moving Boston Backwards” platform. It’s a close race.

Oy vey! Menino’s not moving anyone anywhere! Of course he wants to claim he is. But that’s what politicians do, take the credit for all our hard work.

The government solution to “market(ing) failure.”

The Onion ran this (fictional) piece last month, about a (fictional) man who was ejected from a movie theater “for failing to meet the minimum gender, age, and socioeconomic status requirements set forth in new guidelines to ensure marketing is reflected in movie audiences.”

Not sure what The Onion’s point was, but to me it sounded like a government solution. Are you sure they weren’t talking about US healthcare?

Last Weekend to Win a Free Book

This is the last weekend to enter this site’s drawing for a free book. Just click here to go to the giveaway post, then add a comment at the bottom of that post describing why you should get a Nobel Peace Prize. I understand they’re still giving them out to everyone.


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